July 17, 2018 

I Scream for Ice Cream 

Today I woke up and wandered upstairs, and then Dad had me come over to Darwin's place with him to fix a bunch of stuff. By the time we were done over there, it was already lunch time, so Dad dropped me off at our house, and then went down to the camp to get some free food for me. It turned out that it was stir-fry, so I threw most of it to the chickens, but there were a few good parts. After lunch, I worked getting my journal ready to print, even though I won't actually be ready until I have all the way through December 31st. After I finished working on that (I'm using Microsoft Publisher and it's amazing), the girls and I went into Vergas and got ice cream at the new (and slightly overpriced) ice cream store before going over to Grandpa and Nana's where we went waterskiing and jumped off the front of the boat. After that, we went home and got cleaned up before we went into Detroit Lakes with Grandpa, where we got KFC and ate next to the beach, and then went and listened to the music in the park with Ben and Scott. We came home and all chilled for awhile before going to bed.