July 16, 2018 

I Live at Grand Central Station

Today I woke up and had some breakfast, and then played on my computer for awhile before Dad came and told me I should go over to Grandpa and Nana's or something, so I did that. I hung out over there for awhile and then I came back and some people were here getting milk. I was like "alright just a few people thats okay." They left and I started mowing the lawn, and then Darwin showed up! I talked to him for a minute, then he left, and I finished mowing the lawn. Then the people who milk the cow showed up, and they wanted my help milking her! And then as soon as they left, a bus full of Camp Cherith kids showed up to see the animals. Finally everyone was gone eventually and after taking some pictures outside, I went to bed. 

This is totally not Photoshopped