July 14, 2018 

Chili Cheese Dogs

This morning I woke up and took a shower, then went into town because I had to work. I had breakfast with Janessa, and then I worked all the way until 2:30, which felt like a lifetime, but also went by really fast. After work, I went to Ben's house where I picked up Matthew, and then we went over to the church and got the keyboard setup for tomorrow. We practiced a wee bit, and then went home, stopping by All-in-All on the way so that Matthew could get a snack and I could fill up the gas tank. We got home and hung out in the basement for awhile, and then we went to pickup Jana, and we got some groceries while we were there. When we got home, we rolled hotdogs in cheese, then in crescent rolls and baked them, then we poured chili all over them and baked them again. They were amazing. After we finished our chili cheese dog bake stuff, we went to bed.  Sadly we didn't get any pictures of the dogs after they were cooked.