July 11, 2018 

My First Sermon 

Today I woke up at 7:30, and was annoyed to find out that my Echo wouldn't let me turn off the alarm from my bed. I got out of bed to turn it off, then went upstairs to go for a run. I chilled for awhile, and then decided I should go work on my computer. I started getting stuff done, and then I got distracted and didn't really get anything done until Grandpa showed up to take Jana and Tevia to their house. I messed around with the keyboard and my electric guitar for awhile, just enjoying the fact that I could be home alone and make as much noise as I wanted, and then after having some lunch, I went down in the basement and decided I would not come back upstairs until I had finished the setlist, gotten all the music, made the slides, and was ready for worship on Sunday morning. After a long bit of figuring things out, I finally completed it. During this, Caleb texted me asking if I wanted to preach at the youth group tonight. I was like "uhmmmmmmmmm.... I mean I guess I can." So I packed up, went for a swim at Grandpa and Nana's, and then typed up a sermon on grace on my laptop. I read it outloud to make sure it sounded good, then went into Frazee where we practiced our music set, and then it was showtime. We did our music, and then I preached, and I had them do the activity I had gotten from the pastor in Florida back in April, and then we did another song and it was over. I was sweating super bad, so after hanging out for awhile, I went back to Grandpa and Nana's but then it was raining so I just had dinner and went back to our house where I played more music and then went to bed. 

Photo from Karen Helton