July 10, 2018 

We Took Over the Grocery Store 

Today I woke up and Mom made me go for a run at really early like 7:30am. I got back from my run and Mom and Jana had already left for Jana's first day of work! I went back inside and got cleaned up, then worked on the church website for awhile, because I decided that we need a complete redesign. I worked on that for awhile, and then I had some lunch of potatoes and gravy, and then everyone left to go to see Pastor Waller, as he and his wife had just moved to up near Grand Forks from Maine. I worked on my computer some more, and then I left for work, but forgot that I didn't work until 4pm... long story short, Heath let me start at 2, so Jana worked from 8am to 2pm, and I worked from 2pm to 8pm. We controlled the store for the entire day. Then afterwards, I went over to Jeremy's and had some dinner (11 dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets), and then went for a walk down to the park with Jeremy and Dawson and his two dogs, where he got another dog to join the family. Then I got home and messed around some more before bed.