July 07, 2018 

Party in the Park 

Today I got up and went for a run, and when I got back, Tim was out on the front sidewalk playing Ukulele to the cats. I showered and got ready for work, then took off and got there in time that I could have a free breakfast (perks of working at a restaurant) before I actually started working. It wasn't too busy, and I was working with someone else, so that was cool. Bryant and Alyssa came in and they were confused because they didn't know I worked there, so that was funny. Then, as soon as I got off at 3pm, I got in the car and drove over to the park, where they were having a goodbye party for Johnna since she is leaving for Africa on Wednesday. We hung out for awhile, and then once everyone left except me, Bradly, Johnna, and Janessa, we went over to McDonalds and sat in the nice air conditioning. I had to be home by 5, so I left and Mom decided that once a month I have to fill up the car with gas, and so I did that and it made me want to cry, watching my hard earned money just flow into the gas tank. It also made me very angry at Mom as she wouldn't answer her phone to tell me how to open the gas tank. I got home and chilled for awhile, and then Kaytee and Jack showed up, and then Jeremy came over, and we had a surprisingly civil dinner of tacos, considering who was there. After dinner, we all hung out for awhile, then everyone took off and I went to bed. 

The whole family minus Sherri who was working :(