July 06, 2018 

 Finally Friday 

I had to get up again this morning and go exercise... I'm starting to wonder if running is Biblical because of Proverbs 28:1. Anyway, I finished getting cleaned up, then did some stuff around the house for awhile. Mom and the girls left for the Thrift Store around 12:30, but I had a person from camp, named Tim, staying at our house tonight, so I cleaned up a bit, and then showed him around as soon as he got here. Then I got on the scooter and took off to town, but then the scooter died. Dad came out and we were able to get it into town, and then we weren't sure what was wrong with it so Jeremy and I brought it home in his truck. I went back to the Thrift store and then I went down to Frazee Family Foods where I only have 2 more days of work (after today). I worked with Manson until 8pm, and then we closed down and I went home. Dad and I went down to camp to get rid of the pig food and for me to get a sandwich before coming home. I chilled for awhile, and then went to bed. 

Some really cool sun beams