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July 31, 2018 Bible Camp Day 2
Today we had to be up by 8:00am, but many of us were up earlier because of Hogan's stupid alarm. We got ready for breakfast, and then after eating we headed down for worship and the first session. The theme for this week was discipleship, which was kinda cool. After the first session, a bunch of us (including me) got called up front and told that we were going to be small group leaders. I had a couple other dudes in my group, and we had a good time talking and praying until it was time for lunch. After lunch, we had our rest hour during which we just sat around and talked, before going up to the rec field for a few hours of games. We then had canteen and swim time, made some lit crafts, and then supper before heading back down to the chapel for evening worship, and then back up to the rec field for some more games before singing a bedtime song, giving goodnight hugs, and going to bed.


July 30, 2018 Bible Camp Day 1 
Today I was able to sleep in, before getting packed for camp! I got packed, went through my checklist like 20 times, cleaned the basement, and then finally I was ready to go. I didn't actually have to leave until about 2:30, but finally it was time. Dad and I went into town and he got gas while I got my registration money out of the bank. Then we went up and he dropped me off at the church. We had exactly two large vans of people going up to camp. We all got loaded in and then we were off. It was a loud and fun ride up to Foston with everyone being super excited. We finally rolled into the driveway and I got registered and was able to get into Alex's cabin again. I unpacked all my stuff and then we had dinner before having a few activities to get to know everyone, and then the Camp Olympics. They went super late, and then it was finally time to go back for more music and a bedtime song from Uncle Stephen, before running and getting cleaned up for…


July 29, 2018 I was in the parade
We got to church this morning and ran through practice (with only a small issue of Windows needing to update…) and then it was time for church after an amazing breakfast that the Reviers made. We opened with God’s not Dead by the Newsboys, and as soon as we finished, Kurt got up and left after saying some not so nice profanities. We finished church (with Susan recording almost the entire service) and then cleaned up afterwards. We went home, had a quick lunch, and then Jana, Tevia and I all went back in to town, so that they could watch the parade and I could walk with Harvest Church and their float. After that, we went over to Grandpa and Nana’s and talked with them for awhile before Dad took us waterskiing. The rope got caught in the motor and broke, but we still had a good time before coming home and saying hi to Mom, and then I started cleaning and getting packed for camp (I leave tomorrow around 2:30).


July 28, 2018 Saturday 
This morning I got up early and got ready for work. I drove into town, and then I worked until almost 3:30 because it was so busy, and it was kinda weird because I was working with a girl named Janessa, but not the Janessa I know. After work I had some deep fat fried mozzarella sticks and they were amazing and then I went home before working on some stuff for church. I’ve been feeling burnt out and a little overwhelmed, and so I decided that I’m stepping back from all church stuff and leadership for a few months at the least. I got a guide created for all the tech stuff and transferred it to the church’s accounts, and then I went to bed after dinner.


July 27, 2018 Kermit and MYF 
Mom was working today, so I got to sleep in awhile before going upstairs and doing morning devotions with Dad and Jana. After that, we made a plan for the day, and then I went and got all cleaned up before going over to Kratzke’s to pick yellow beans and get 6 haybales. We went to the camp (and found a lost staff member on the Vergas trails who had been trying to get back to camp for an hour and a half) before I brought Jana home, then brought her back to camp. I mowed the lawn at our house, and weed whipped everything, and made it all look nice, and then Dad and Jana and Tevia all got back and then I went with Dad to empty trash at the camp before going to the church to setup for practice tomorrow. I think as soon I’m 18 I’m gonna go to a different church because people at our church are really stubborn and set in their ways. Anyway, after I finished getting as setup as I could, I went over to Ben’s for MYF movie night, and we made hotdogs over the campfi…


July 26, 2018 NEW HAIR YAYAYAY
Today started differently… I DIDN’T WAKE UP! Just kidding, I did. I went for a run, and then I messed around a little before we all went into town for haircuts! Well, Mom and I. Jana came but she wasn’t getting a haircut. We went to a place that Caleb had suggested to me, and she only took like 45 seconds to cut my hair, and then we went to the Mexican place where the DQ used to be. After lunch, we went to Walmart and I got some hair gel… heheh.We ran into Jess and Rhonda, and talked to them for awhile (NOBODY EVER COMMENTS ON MY NEW HAIRCUTS AND I DON’T LIKE IT) and then we went and visited aunt Helen before going home. Mom took Jana to work, and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana’s to have dinner, and hung out over there until I had to go pick up Jana from work. I took her up to the church for Girl’s group with Janessa, and then while she was doing that I went into town for more DQ with Ben, and we also went to Walmart again and got stuff for MYF tomo…


July 25, 2018 Look it's an apple
Today started out as any day. It was Wednesday, so Mom was working and I didn’t really have a whole lot to do. I got up and ate some cereal for breakfast, and that tasted pretty good. Then I played guitar some, and played Paladins on my computer for awhile and did some other stuff too. Jana might have been home, but I didn’t really notice if she was or not. Then I left our house at like 4:30 and went over to Grandpa and Nana’s with Jana and I fixed a smart outlet for Nana and then we hung out over there before I left and went to youth group. It was only Aaron and I for youth group music team, but we did pretty well. Then, afterwards, Aaron, Caleb, and I all went into Detroit Lakes and got Dairy Queen and had deep discussions about various things, including how long it would take to watch the extended versions of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit in one sitting… (about 25 hours I think). I went home and then I went to bed cause I was tired.


July 24, 2018 Nana's Birthday 

Today was a bit of a special day… it was Nana’s Birthday!!!! We got up this morning and had breakfast before having morning devotions, and then Jana and I did chores around the house until about noon, when I got stuck on the phone for about a half hour with Apple tech support, who are some of the best support people I’ve ever talked to. After Mom got home from town with Ruby, we went over to Grandpa and Nana’s where we wished Nana a happy birthday and then I went and cut some branches for her so that she could see the lake better. We hung out over there until we got a text that Dad had just gotten a baby puppy. We ran home with Grandpa and she was the most adorable thing ever. We named her Gimli and got a bed for her setup, before going with Grandpa to music in the park in Detroit Lakes. The music was okay, and then we stopped by A&W on the way home to get some floats. I played with Gimli for awhile longer before going to bed, as my computers were…


July 23, 2018 That Daily Grind 
Today wasn’t super eventful; I woke up this morning, and had some breakfast. Then I did a bunch of stuff like chores and stuff before lunch. Mom had me read a book, and then I worked for awhile on my computer before having dinner with Mom. I went over to Grandpa and Nana’s around 6 and hung out over there until it was time to go pick up Jana, and then we came home and I worked on getting Nana’s old MacBook setup which she had given me. Eventually some stuff needed updating, so I let it do that overnight and I went to bed.


July 22, 2018 Dawson's Birthday Party 
Today we had to get up early for church and uhg I did not want to do anything but sleep. We made our way to church and then I had some breakfast. The service went well and I didn’t really have to do anything since it was a “hymn sing” today. After church, Dad and I went to Hopefest and picked up all the tables and chairs that the church had borrowed them, and then we brought those to the church before going home. Tevia was going to camp again, and so Jana and I just chilled at home until it was time to go to the park for Dawson’s first birthday party. We got there and Jeremy was grilling Hotdogs and Hamburgers and there was chips and all sorts of amazing things that I like eating. We stayed there for a few hours, and then we went to pick up Jana’s schedule before going home. We basically just hung out for awhile, until Dad decided he wanted to watch Rocketman which was a pretty good but old Disney movie. After the movie, I was just chilling in…


July 21, 2018 Anthem Lights
This morning I got up and drove to work. It was pretty busy at Country Kitchen, and I worked until almost 3pm. After I finished work, I had a chicken tender basket for lunch, and then I drove up to Strawberry Lake and so that I could change and pick up Bradly. We came back into town and I got gas at Holiday (I even used a 7¢ off coupon) before going out to Hopefest. We all hung out there, and then after seeing We Are Vessel play again, I had to run to Frazee to pick up Jana from work, and then I came back. At 9pm, Anthem Lights were up and they were AMAZING. They did a bunch of their mashups, and then as soon as they were done, Kylie and I went through and got pictures with them, and then we went through at the very end again with our entire group. After pictures, we went home and went to bed.


July 20, 2018 Citizen Way 
 I woke up this morning, and rolled out of bed. I got ready for work, and then went in and met Janessa for breakfast before I worked, and then worked super hard until 3pm. After I was done with work, I went over to Leighton Broadcasting because I had won 2 free Hopefest tickets, and then I went to the library and did some stuffs on my computer there. As soon as it got close to 5pm, I went out to the Hopefest area and got parked, and then went and found Ben and we went in and got food and then Janessa showed up and then everyone showed up. We were just chilling and then I saw two dudes who looked oddly familiar; long story short, they were two of the guys from Citizen Way, the biggest band that was playing there tonight. We got pictures with them, and then we rocked out with We Are Vessle, and then we got pictures with them and then we waited for Citizen Way, and when they finally played, it was AMAZING. They did all my favorite songs, and then at the end, the…


July 19, 2018 Dairy Queen with Ben 
Today was just your average boring day; I woke up this morning thankfully, and got out of bed. Most everyone was already gone, so I went upstairs and found out that it was raining. I got dressed and put on a nice orange sweatshirt and then I went for a walk. I came back and did my laundry, watched YouTube, and cleaned a little. Dad got back from camp with food so I had some lunch, and then Chloe and Gabby were bored so I Facetimed them and we looked at old pictures from VBS 2010. I did some more chores after that and took Jana to work, and then stopped at the bank afterwards as I had gotten a confusing letter from them in the mail. After I got that sorted out, I went home and then played some Lord of the Rings Online while Skyping with Kylie. The Wi-Fi decided that it couldn’t handle that after a few hours, so I took a shower while Paladins updated, and then I talked to Mom for awhile before taking Tevia to pick up Jana, and then dropping them off at…


July 18, 2018 Another day in the life
Today started as any other day, with me waking up and then doing some chores like building a bench and watering some apple trees. After I finished that, I rested for a little until Dad and the girls got home with some of my favorite camp food, fried chicken things. They're like giant chicken nuggets and I love them. After I ate, I took some food pictures because I had watched a video on food photography, and then I brought Jana to work. I dropped her off, and then I went and explored the back roads behind Spanky's restaurant. I saw a baby deer, and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana's where Dad took me waterskiing before we pulled out the boat and I went to youth group. Youth group was really fun, and Shane was there playing keys with us, and then afterwards I went home and went to bed. 


July 17, 2018 I Scream for Ice Cream 
Today I woke up and wandered upstairs, and then Dad had me come over to Darwin's place with him to fix a bunch of stuff. By the time we were done over there, it was already lunch time, so Dad dropped me off at our house, and then went down to the camp to get some free food for me. It turned out that it was stir-fry, so I threw most of it to the chickens, but there were a few good parts. After lunch, I worked getting my journal ready to print, even though I won't actually be ready until I have all the way through December 31st. After I finished working on that (I'm using Microsoft Publisher and it's amazing), the girls and I went into Vergas and got ice cream at the new (and slightly overpriced) ice cream store before going over to Grandpa and Nana's where we went waterskiing and jumped off the front of the boat. After that, we went home and got cleaned up before we went into Detroit Lakes with Grandpa, where we got KFC and ate n…


July 16, 2018 I Live at Grand Central Station
Today I woke up and had some breakfast, and then played on my computer for awhile before Dad came and told me I should go over to Grandpa and Nana's or something, so I did that. I hung out over there for awhile and then I came back and some people were here getting milk. I was like "alright just a few people thats okay." They left and I started mowing the lawn, and then Darwin showed up! I talked to him for a minute, then he left, and I finished mowing the lawn. Then the people who milk the cow showed up, and they wanted my help milking her! And then as soon as they left, a bus full of Camp Cherith kids showed up to see the animals. Finally everyone was gone eventually and after taking some pictures outside, I went to bed. 


July 15, 2018 Church Day 
Today I woke up at 6:45, and woke up Matthew and Tevia before going upstairs and taking a shower. I got done showering, got dressed, and then we went to the church where I printed out some sheet music while we waited for Janessa to come. We had practice which went really awesome, and then came the actual service which went... well.... not as great, but still pretty good. Afterwards was fellowship dinner, which had a few good dishes, and then we packed everything up and went home. We all hung out at our house for awhile, and then Ben came over and we talked for awhile before we all went over to Grandpa and Nana's house and went waterskiing. It was too wavy to really have a lot of fun, but we still went skiing for awhile before heading back to our house. I had a webinar about cinematic videography that I was taking at 7, so I attended that and found it extremely interesting. Then, I went upstairs and had a few sandwiches before bed.


July 14, 2018 Chili Cheese Dogs
This morning I woke up and took a shower, then went into town because I had to work. I had breakfast with Janessa, and then I worked all the way until 2:30, which felt like a lifetime, but also went by really fast. After work, I went to Ben's house where I picked up Matthew, and then we went over to the church and got the keyboard setup for tomorrow. We practiced a wee bit, and then went home, stopping by All-in-All on the way so that Matthew could get a snack and I could fill up the gas tank. We got home and hung out in the basement for awhile, and then we went to pickup Jana, and we got some groceries while we were there. When we got home, we rolled hotdogs in cheese, then in crescent rolls and baked them, then we poured chili all over them and baked them again. They were amazing. After we finished our chili cheese dog bake stuff, we went to bed.  Sadly we didn't get any pictures of the dogs after they were cooked.


July 13, 2018 Visit to Staples 
Today I woke up and got ready to go, and then the Jehovah's Witnesses showed up, and so Dad and I talked to them for awhile. After they left, I took off and followed my GPS up to Matthew's house. We hung out there for awhile, and then we had some lunch before driving up to the church, where we practiced music for Sunday. We went over to Ben's house, and then Ben was already there so we helped him bring some stuff over to the church, where we got all the stuff setup for MYF. Gabe and Phoenix showed up, and so we hung out and talked for about an hour waiting for everyone to show up. Ron and Karri came with Bradly and Tobias, and then Mya, Chloe, and Gabby all came too so we had a nice crowd and had some games and a bunch of food and then the lesson and music. I helped Ben clean up afterwards, and then I got home at 11:07pm.