June 30, 2018 

New Job 

 Today I work up, and it was time to head to work... at Country Kitchen! I got in the van and took off towards Detroit Lakes, but then ran into construction... I waited almost 10 minutes, kinda freaking out, and then they finally let me go through. I got to Country Kitchen, and then they gave me a bunch of paperwork to fill out before giving me a shirt and having me start work. I learned how to roll silverware, clean tables, and all sorts of other cool stuff, working with two other girls around my age. We got off around 2 after I learned how to clean the bathrooms, and then I found out that we got $8 credit per shift, so I had a Oreo Milkshake before I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's. I hung out there, and then Jevin and I went over to our house so I could get some stuff, and then we went back over to Grandpa and Nana's where we hung out till dinner, and then Veronica and I doubled skiied after dinner. After skiing, I treked down the shore trying to find a ski jacket that we had lost while everyone else went tubing. Then we went inside and chilled till it was dark enough for fireworks. After fireworks, we all said goodbye (for now) and then went home to go to bed.