June 27, 2018 

Trip to Fargo 

Mom was working today, so I slept in, and then went over to Grandpa and Nana's house. I had some breakfast with Jevin and Grandpa, and then we got in the van and took off to Fargo. We had to go to the church first to drop off a flute and pick up my tripod, but as we were going through Frazee, we saw some construction vehicles in the lake so we went back and looked at them. Then we went up to the church, and then our next stop was Schmitt Music in Fargo, where we hung out for awhile, and I got the three packs of guitar strings that I needed. After we left there, we went and cruised down Broadway, and then stopped for Sandy's Donuts, where we each got two big donuts. We walked around for a little bit while Jevin used the bathroom, then went over to Scheels to get Noodles & Company. I had the Mac & Cheese which I attempted to eat with chopsticks... I found that I sometimes have anger issues when using chopsticks. After we finished eating, we went back to Minnesota (we were in Fargo) but then we saw a sign advertising fireworks, so we had to go back and went way out to get almost $200 of fireworks for the weekend. After we finished there, we snuck back across the boarder into Minnesota again, and then we went over to Big Lots and looked at a car for $1750, and then we started back home, stopping at the DQ in Hawley for snacks and bathroom. We were almost home and then we decided to go over to an art gallery on the other side of Vergas, where they had live music and artists doing artsy stuff. Then we went back to Grandpa and Nana's, where we rested for a little bit before Jevin and I took off for Youth Group. I played guitar (new strings!) with Jevin on keys and a friend from camp named Aaron came and played drums for us. Afterwards, Jevin and I left right away, and then we shot a short film that will be uploaded in a few days, but it is really awesome. Then I went to bed.