June 26, 2018 

Geese Everywhere! 

Today I didn't have an alarm because Mom and Dad had turned off the WiFi last night (some conspiracy theory about aliens using our WiFi) and so I slept in a little. I got up eventually and Mom got back from camp, and then Jevin and Grandpa showed up and joined us for a little chapel before going back to their house. Mom had to go for a walk with a friend, so I did a little more cleaning in the basement and then got a paint can (took me 20 minutes to open) and found a paintbrush and did some touchup painting in the basement. After I finished that, Mom was back, and so I told her I was gonna take off over to Grandpa and Nana's, which I did. Grandpa, Jevin, and I all went over by Perham to see if we could find a Western Village because we wanted to film a short movie, but the Western Village over there had been destroyed so we went back to Grandpa and Nana's. Elmer and Miriam came over with Isak. We talked with them for awhile, and then I cleaned up in the lake and went to work. On my way home from work, there were a bunch of Geese in the road, and so I chased them into the pond trying to get a picture of them, and then went home and watch the second half of the Greatest Showman again since Mom and Dad were watching it. Then I went to bed.