June 25, 2018 

Monday  Cleaning

 Today I woke up and the house was empty, which was super nice. I got up and went for a run, and then I came back and stretched and took a shower. Mom got back from camp where she had been doing something down there, and then we started cleaning in the basement. I had almost 5 boxes of different cords and cables, and so we sorted through those and then did some vacuuming and made everything nice down there. I had some lunch, and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana's on the scooter and we just messed around before deciding to watch The Greatest Showman which Jevin had brought with from Wisconsin. We watched the entire movie, with one break to go get the mail for Nana, and when we finished it, I decided that it is my new favorite movie. 10/10 recommend because it was so good. After the movie, we had some dinner, and then Mom and Dad came over and we talked with them for awhile before heading home, as I was super tired from a long day combined with a cold and was ready for bed.