June 24, 2018 

Camp Again... without me 

Today Mom made me get up early again so that I could finish the powerpoint for church, and then we went and practiced at the church. We had breakfast and then worship went well, but we had to leave really early after church because Jana, Tevia, Enavi, and Maggie were all going to camp! We had a quick lunch at our house, then went down to camp and got the girls all registered. I went back to Grandpa and Nana's house with Jen, and said hi to Hazel who happened to be at their house. Jen and Davin took off for the cities to catch their plane, and I hung out with Jevin before having a dinner of hamburgers that Grandpa made. Mom came over, and then we went and dropped off Enavi's toothbrush at camp, and then went into Frazee to drop off my schedule at work before going home and resting until morning. 

Kinda gloomy looking