June 21, 2018 

 Camp Day 5 

I woke up this morning and almost everyone was already gone. I got dressed, then took off down to the dining hall where we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. After breakfast, a few of us did the flag-raising again, and then we had morning watch. After morning watch, I found Bolt's cabin, and led their Bible-X which went very well (I think). Then we cleaned the cabin before first activity (again, waterskiing). We skiied for awhile before going back to the camp for leftover day, which is basically a meal with leftovers of all the meals so far. After lunch and music, we had rest hour, during which I actually slept the entire time (almost). We had our Built session, and then on my way down to the tuck shop, I saw that the slip-and-slide was being set up. I kind of ignored it until Rob said that the first one down would get a free soda. Needless to say, I was the first one down. After going on the slip-and-slide for awhile, I played 9-square and then it was time for all-camp. We all got split up into teams, and then we were out on the front lawn when a delivery car from Pizza Planet pulled up, a bunch of villains kidnapped Woody, and we went inside to eat pizza. As you may have guessed by now, the theme was Toy Story and it was a lot of fun, running around and doing games. Then after all the little kids had gone to bed, it was time for the Built Graduation party, where we had corndogs (we ate 121 with 20-some people) to celebrate the Built 2's that were graduating. Then showers and bed. 


My All-Camp team-

Buzz and Woody