June 20, 2018 

Camp Day 4 

I woke up this morning on the island with the sun just starting to try and get over the trees. It was still very early however, so I went back to sleep. A few hours later, I was woken up, this time around 6:30; we cleaned up the campsite, then made our way back in the canoes. We got everything put away, took showers, and were back in our cabin with a half-hour before we were supposed to wake up. We went down for breakfast, which was egg bake and weird juice. After breakfast and morning watch, we had Bible-X with Dude, and then cleaned up the cabin before heading to the waterfront for our first activity. As soon as we got in the boat, I got to ski for awhile, and then right when it was finally Bolt's turn, the boat stopped working. We eventually got it working again after a prayer and a little time, and then we went back for lunch. For lunch, I was trading places with Bolt since the Built had to sit at their shadow cabin's table for lunch that day. We had sloppy joe's and then we did music (as we did after every meal). I went with Bolt's cabin for rest hour, and made sure that they knew to be quiet before nodding off to sleep myself. Apparently I was so tired that I didn't wake up when  they started throwing paper balls at me, and I didn't wake up until Derrick came and woke me up. We had our Built lesson, which was mostly just going over our lesson plans for Bible-X tomorrow. As soon as we were done with Built, I went to the tuck shop, and then went back to the White House to chill. I hung out there and talked with Aaron, Burke, and Connor. As soon as cabin time came, we went and played 9-square and Gaga ball. We played for awhile, and then got into our swimsuits before a dinner of tacos, as we were going down to the waterfront for cabin time after dinner. We went swimming and tubing and padleboarding for awhile, and then fried donuts over the fire, and then the Built 2 group led the message and I led the worship on my guitar. We all got back into the bus and went back to camp while Dude played guitar from the back. I ran to the White House to get changed, and then went over to Bolt's cabin with Haden to put the little kids down while Bolt was gone at the staff party/meeting. We did devotions with them, and then I sent Haden back while I fell asleep in the cabin. Around 11:30pm, Bolt woke me up to let me know that I could go back to the White House. I swung by the bathrooms on the way there, then fell asleep right away. 

My Waterskiing class