June 19, 2018 

Camp Day 3 

We woke up again this morning to Rob yelling at us with the megaphone. We got out of bed and trudged down to the dining hall where we had fruit and egg/sausage/cheese sandwiches for breakfast. After breakfast, there was the flag-raising and morning watch, and then I went to Bible-X with Bolt's cabin. I was simply there to observe as on Thursday, I would be leading their Bible-X. After that was over, I went back to my cabin where we cleaned, and then my first activity was waterskiing. We were out in the boat for awhile, then came back to the camp for a lunch of chicken tenders, Mac & Cheese, and rice crispie bars. Our cabin recited Parca, earning us all a soda for the cookout. Then, after we did music with Jammin, we went to our cabin for rest hour. Rest hour was uneventful as usual, and then it was time for our Built session, during which we had to make an outline for the Bible-X class that we would be teaching. Free-time came, and Kieler and I were the tuck shop bouncers, meaning that we just made sure that there was only 8 people in the tuck shop at a time. Then we loaded into the canoes and started making our way to the island. They had done a bit when we got out there, but there was still a lot to do, so we continued mowing and clearing brush. Then we went back to the mainland and got our stuff while Dude watched Burke and Connor (who we left on the island) through his binoculars. We brought a few loads of stuff out to the island before getting a fire going. Dude made his way out to the island, despite having thrown out his back, and then we started cooking our various foods. We ate, and then after taking a group photo, we sang some songs, and then the Built 2 class led the message. Dude went back to the mainland and Merlin came out to take his place. I got my hammock set up next to Burke and Connor's hammock and then we talked with Kieler until late into the night, before going to sleep.