June 18, 2018 

Camp Day 2 

We woke up this morning to Rob shouting in our door with a megaphone telling us to get up. We laid our bunks a little longer before getting up and making our way to the dining hall for breakfast, which was french toast and bacon. After breakfast, while the rest of the camp sang some songs, 5 of us went out front and practiced for the morning flag-raising color-gaurd ceremony. It went smoothly, and then after grabbing my Bible and notebook, I found the kid, named Matthew, who I was assigned to do morning watch devotions with. We went through the devotion book, and then it was time to head back to the White House for our cabin's own group devotions (Bible-X or Bible Exploration). Right after Bible-X, it was time to clean our cabin (we won the Golden Broom for cleanest cabin that morning) and then it was already time for first activity. I rode down to the waterfront in the bus, and then found out that because the camp boat had broken, we were using our boat. I helped Bird-Dog (the waterskiing instructor) learn how to drive it, and then everyone who hadn't skiied the day before got a chance to ski. As soon as we got back to the camp, it was already time for lunch, which was simply subs with Fritos. There was music again during lunch (there was a worship service after every meal except Thursday Supper) and then it was rest hour. Immediately after rest hour, during which I took a nap, we had Built meeting which was interesting, but super fun. After Built was over, we had free time; I went down to the tuck shop, then Derrick and I found Flex, one of the counselors, and talked to him about airplanes (he was about to get his commercial license) before going back to the White House so I could practice guitar, and while talking to Derrick, we found out that when we were younger, we had both been in the same cabin at a different camp. As soon as free time was over, it was cabin time, during which our cabin went down to the waterfront for padleboarding as our activity. Jason, Aaron, and I built a raft out of our padleboards, and then it was time to go back to the camp for dinner. I played with the worship band after dinner, and then it was time for the evening activity; Capture the Flag. We all went and got into our gear, and then split up into two teams with Switzerland (the back 40 mowed area) as the neutral area. The first game was over quickly and my team lost, but during the second game, it dragged on forever and finally ended when I sacrificed myself so that our team could win. We all went and took maditory showers, and then there was ice cream for snack. We went back to the White House for message by Rob, and I played guitar with Jammin for the night worship, and then it was time for bed. Dude came in so that we could do devotions, which we started after about 20 minutes of random talk. For devotions, we talked about things we wanted to get out of camp. Then, it was time for lights out.