June 17, 2018 

Camp Day 1 

I got up this morning for church at 7:30, and we got to the church for practice pretty early. Worship and church went well and then we went home so I could pack for camp, as I hadn't done that yet... heh. I got packed up and then we went down there and got me all checked in, and then I got taken to my cabin. I hung out there for awhile meeting my cabin-mates, and then there was a meeting in the main room of the cabin just for laying down some ground rules and what was expected from us this week. After that, we went down to the main dining hall for another welcome meeting. As soon as that was over, we had our first activity, which in my case was waterskiing. We got on the bus and went to the waterfront, and then went out in the boat, and did some waterskiing (there was 7 people in my activity group). Then, we came back to the camp. We had our first Built 1 (Built = Boys Under Intense Leadership Training) meeting which we had to start with 25 pushups, then introduced ourselves to the rest of the Built 1 group. We talked for awhile, and then it was time for dinner, which was pasta and garlic bread. After dinner, the explorer's cabin (us) went to the big field (the back 40) and played ultimate Frisbee for an hour before taking showers and then going down to the dining hall where there was popcorn and highly intellectual discussions on Star Wars. After finishing the popcorn, we all went back to the White House (our cabin) where we had a worship service and message from Rob before going to bed. 

My Built 1 Group- (left to right) Derrick, Jason, Kieler, Me, Luke, Julian and Jammin in front