June 16, 2018 

Veronica's Graduation Party 

Today as soon as I woke up, we had to leave for the twin cities, because it was Veronica's graduation party day. We got there around 11:45 with a few stops for bathrooms and drinks, and they had tacos and cake and good food. Lots of people were there, including Jen & Davin and Co. and Veronica and Chris and Sarah obviously. We stayed for awhile, then left shortly after Grandpa did. I decided I wanted to drive, and so I drove all the way from their house in the cities to some gas station just pass the big prison. We got home eventually after a stop at Central Market (formerly known as Deans in Perham) and got some groceries, and then Mom and I practiced music for tomorrow morning for awhile. Then I worked on my computer for awhile before packing for camp (starts tomorrow) and then going to bed. Long day with almost 8 hours in the car! 

Dad and Jevin enjoying the conversation

They had homemade root beer :)