June 15, 2018 

Mowing Lawns and Relief Sale Prep

Today was beautiful wonderful Friday, but sadly I didn't get to do a whole lot of relaxing. I slept in for awhile, then took the truck over to Grandpa and Nana's to get the trailer (it wasn't there, but ended up being at the farm). After picking up the trailer, I went home and loaded the mowers on it, and then Jana and I went over to the elderly couple's house and got to work on their lawn. We mowed till about noon when she brought us pizza and pepsi. We had some lunch, then finished the lawn and took off. We got home and I took a shower, and then it was time to leave again for the church. We got to Ben's house around 4:31, and then we took the church van up to pick up Gabby and Emma in Wolf Lake. Then we came back to the church, and then headed up to the Muff farm in Strawberry Lake for the relief sale prep. We got everything nice and setup for the sale tomorrow, and then we had a bonfire worship service with Karri doing devotions, and then games and more singing, depending on what people wanted to do. We left the Muff farm a little before 10:30, and then we dropped Gabby and Emma off in Wolf Lake. Ben went back to his house and Jana and I took off for home, pulling into the driveway at 12:07am. 

The front lawn of the couple's house

Tristan being helpful(ish)