June 11, 2018 

Finally Driving

I slept in for awhile today, then got up and got ready to go into town. Why you ask? Because I was taking my road test to get my driver's license at 9am. Dad and I got to the DMV, and we went in and let them know we were here. She told us to go take a seat in the lobby, so I went out there and waited. And waited some more. Finally I was the last person in the lobby and went out to our car (I decided to use the Sienna) with the instructor at 10:30am. I almost failed the parallel parking, but everything else went well (except apparently I was driving "too slow"). Anyway, I ended up getting my driver's license and I was like super hyped, but Dad and I had to run around and get some stuff in town. Then we went home, and Jana, Tevia, and I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's house, without an adult and it felt so amazingly weird. Grandpa wasn't home, so we had lunch with Nana, then came home, and I took a shower and got ready for my Country Kitchen interview at 2:30. We went back into town, and I met with David from Country Kitchen, and basically what he said at the end was to let him know how soon I could start (I'd be starting at $10/hour as a host). We went into Frazee so I could let Heath know that I was going to need all the weekends off (that's when they'd need me at Country Kitchen) and then we got a nail or something in our tire on the way home. We finally got home, and just chilled out. Darwin came over for dinner, and we had chilli, and then I read and played on my phone until I went to bed.