June 10, 2018 

Church Day 

Mom woke me up this morning, but I didn't feel like getting up and she was going to church early, so I stayed in bed, and then almost made us late by oversleeping. In the end however, it was Dad who made us late. We got to church and had breakfast there, and then we had our worship service, and I tried using a A major pad but it was really hard because they had to be controlled from the back. The rest of church was fun, and then afterwards we swung by Jeremy and Sherri's place on the way home, where they had gotten another dog and like a bunch of pet rats and stuff. We continued to our house, and then after awhile we went over to Grandpa and Nana's where we hung out and had dinner. We came home at 7pm, and I messed around on my computer for awhile after going for a walk to see the cows, and then I read for awhile before going to bed.