June 07, 2018 

Program Day

When I woke up this morning, it was only Matthew and I, as Ben had already left for work. We stayed in our beds/chairs and watched Netflix for a little while, before getting to work. We needed to make brownies for the VBS program tonight, hang up Ben's laundry, and bury a natural gas line in his back yard, all of which we did within a few hours. As soon as we finished, we went over to the church, where Brock and Jesse were already at, mowing the lawn and making everything look nice. Somehow one of the windows had fallen out and broken, so I cleaned that up, and then we started doing some light cleaning inside for the program. Before we knew it, the kids had shown up and then all the parents started arriving. The program went really well, and then we served Taco in a Bag afterwards for dinner. Once everyone started to leave, we started the cleanup process. A bunch of people from another church had shown up, as they were sharing all the VBS equipment with us, and so they took it away. Around 10:30 or 11, we decided to call it quits as most of everything had been cleaned up, and so we took off and went home. Mom was home, which was nice as our schedules had made it such that I hadn't seen her in almost 5 days. We talked for awhile, and then found out that Rio had her calf while we were gone, and so we made sure she was all good before we went to bed.