June 06, 2018 

Wild Wednesday 

Today I woke up at a normal time for summer vacation (I'm still so happy that it is summer vacation!!!) and I made my way downstairs. Dad wasn't around, so I had some breakfast, then I went and got started on my computer stuff downstairs. I came upstairs to shower and shave, and then Dad came and said hi. Everyone took off to their various places, and so I was left at home, all alone. I worked more on computer stuff, cleaned a tiny bit, played piano and guitar, ate homemade fried cheese curds, and read stuff, until about 3:30 when everyone got back. We got ready for VBS, and then we took off, and got there just in time. VBS has been crazy awesome, but I can't say that I'll be sorry when it's over. We had another skit today and it went almost better than all the others I think (I'll upload it later) and then the 4th day was over... only tomorrow left. We had a meeting before everyone left, and then I helped clean up and went home with Ben and Matthew. We just had gotten settled in when Ben got a call/text from Rhonda saying she thought she had forgotten some french toast on the counter at the church. We went over to look, but couldn't find anything, so came back to Ben's and went to sleep.