June 05, 2018 

Taco Tuesday 

Today I woke up at 8am, but only because I remembered to set an alarm this time. I got up and finished some stuff on the computer, and then we mowed the lawn at our house. After finishing our lawn, we went down to the camp, and Jana and I used the zero turn mowers and mowed almost the entire camp area. We got back to our house, and then I went into Detroit Lakes with Janessa (Tevia came too) and we went and got food at Taco John's, and then ate it in the park. After we finished our late lunch, we picked up Bradly and Jordan from the high school since they were doing driver's ed, and then we went to the boys and girls thrift store, and then to Central Market to grab some stuffs. We made our way out to the church and got busy preparing for VBS day 3. Soon all the kids started arriving, and everything seemed to go very well. The only downside is I have to wear a wig because I'm a crazy scientist, and it's like 400 degrees under there. After VBS, we ran through the skit for day 4, and then we went home. I thought about taking a shower, but decided to wait till morning and went to bed. Janessa had wanted me to read this book called "All-In," and so I started that and accidentally ended up staying up till almost midnight reading it. It was super good though.