June 03, 2018 

Sunday Funday 

I woke up this morning around 4 am with a bit of a queasy gut, but once that went away I was able to fall back asleep and slept until almost 9, when Ben and Matthew starting being really loud. I got up, and then Matthew and I ran over to the church, trying to race Ben. Needless to say, he beat us in the car by a little bit. We got stuff set up for church, and then we waited for everyone to show up. Eventually, everyone did, and the service went really well, with me leading the music, but doing the VBS songs. After church, I helped Rhonda make some tacos, and then we all had tacos for lunch. We watched some of Cars 3 before practice, and then got to work, making everything perfect for VBS. At one point I accidentally broke a VGA to HDMI cable, so Ben and I ran into Detroit Lakes to get a new one at Walmart, and then also got some baby chicks for Bryant at Fleet Farm. We got back and practiced more, and then the kids started arriving around 5:30. VBS went really well, and then came our skit... it was pretty interesting to say the least. Afterwards, we all made plans for tomorrow, and then said goodnight and went our separate ways.