June 02, 2018 

VBS Prep

I was able to sleep in this morning, and it was the nicest thing in the world to not have anything to do but to be able to sleep in. I made myself get up eventually, and then I messed around for awhile. We left for a graduation party near Fergus Falls, and we had lunch there. After we finished at the graduation party, we went to Ben Franklin craft store and while the girls shopped I watched a guy snort some sort of paint outside. We came home and I practiced the VBS songs until I had to go to work. Work went fast, and I was working with Manson. Right before we closed, we had some people come in who were acting weird, and then we found out that they had a stolen card, but we couldn't do anything. As soon as I got done, Dad picked me up and I packed as soon as we got home and then Ben picked me up, and we went to the church, with a pit stop at All-in-All. Then we went to the church and met Matthew, where we had some fun with lights before going back to Ben's place and eating and watching Netflix before bed. 

I'm a mad scientist :)