June 01, 2018 

Last Day of School!

Today was finally it! The last day of school, and also my last day as a homeschooler! I only had 1 assignment left for the year, so I did it, and then I was done! Karri and Shanda had asked me to design the registration form for camp, so I did that, and then finished the website so now people can register. Around lunch time, I realized that I should work on memorizing the script for later tonight, as we have VBS practice, so I did that as much as I could. It's been a crazy week and next week is going to be pure mental, but it'll be awesome. I memorized lines until about 4, when I got ready to go to MYF and practice. Grandpa picked me up at 4:30, and we went up to Wolf Lake where we picked up Chloe, Gabby, and a friend of Gabby's named Allie, and then we went to the church. I practiced with the VBS drama team until 7, and then we had MYF and we played games and ate food and had a bonfire and had worship and had devotions and it was super awesome. Grandpa picked me up again around 10:10, and brought me home where I went to bed, very excited to sleep in tomorrow.