May 31, 2018 

Last Day of May!

Today was the last day of May! Other than that, it wasn't very exciting. Tomorrow is the last day of school, so most of my time was spent getting my grades up. I worked on that till after lunch, and then I had to work at 4, so I went in to do that. As I was just coming into Frazee on my scooter, a huge spider appeared in the corner of my visor, almost causing me to crash because I really hate spiders. I got to work safely, and there is no way someone could have gotten that helmet off my head faster. I put in my 4 hours at work, and then closed for the evening. While I was at work, I had a great idea for a VBS promo, and so Tevia and I got to work on that as soon as I got home, and we had it finished and uploaded by 10pm. I was exhausted, so I then went to bed.