May 30, 2018 

Youth Group Night 

Mom was working today, but I still forced myself to get up at the same time as usual, as I had a bit of school left. Officially the classes close on June 1st, but it'd be nice to finish early. Anyway, I got to work on school, and then around 2, Dad and I went over to take out the boat, because there were some things that weren't working right, like the motor not coming up. I brought it across the lake, and then we loaded it onto the trailer and brought it home. I did a little more school when I got home, and then it was time to go into Frazee for youth group. I got there around 5:27 to practice with Caleb and Allie before we actually had youth group, and then we played, and everything went well (I think). Afterwards I went into Detroit Lakes with Caleb, and we had DQ as apparently neither of us had eaten dinner yet. Afterwards, he dropped me off at the church where I brought my scooter home and went to bed.