May 29, 2018 

The Day Jen & Davin Left

We got up this morning as usual, and went over to Grandpa and Nana's house so that we could say goodbye to Jen & Davin and company, as they were leaving to go back to Wisconsin. We also had some breakfast, and then we said goodbye. After they left, Mom and I dropped Jana and Tevia off at the house, and then we went in to the High School for our meeting with Ta Fett. We were able to get a lot figured out (I think; Mom did all the talking) and so that went well, and then we went home and I worked on school for awhile. After awhile, I went into town on the scooter to pick up a package from the post office, and then went over to Grandpa and Nana's where I put the canvas on the boat because it kind of looked like it might rain. Around 5:45, Grandpa picked me up and we went to the church, with a quick pit stop at All-in-All because Johnna had texted asking if I could grab her some dinner. We practiced for the VBS skits, and well... it was interesting. Grandpa picked me up again around 8:30, and we went into Detroit Lakes and got shakes and Chicken nuggets at McDonald's, and then drove around so that I could get my final hour of night driving, which I did, and so now I'm done with my driving log. When I got home, Jeremy was at our house as he had found a really awesome tripod, and so now I have one that isn't falling apart which is really nice. Went to bed as I was oddly tired. 

The geese that used to attack me with their 6 babies