May 27, 2018 

Cora to the World 

I got up this morning, and quickly got all my stuff gathered up, as we were leading worship in church and I hadn't really prepared all that well. We left and got to church on time, and then I got everything set up while Mom and Dad had their prayer meeting with the leadership team. Today was the final day of Sunday school for the summer, and so we had lots of donuts and really good snacks, and it was only Jana, Tevia, Matthew, and me because Johnna was sharing at Strawberry Lake, and Janessa had taken all the other people in our class to her church in the cities. We lead worship in church, and it went really awesome, and then Cora shared about her upcoming trip to Indonesia, where she'll be for the entire 2018-2019 school year. After church, we went home and had lunch, and then went over to Grandpa and Nana's, where we hung out. Jevin, Dad, Davin, and myself took out the boat, and we tried to get Jevin up on skis, but it didn't go so well because of how rough the water was, so I took a turn, and then we headed in. Jeremy stopped by, and then left, and then they came back for supper, which was pretty good hamburgers. After dinner, the girls and Jevin went tubing, and Doctor Joe tried to get me up on a wakeboard. After 15ish tries, I decided to wait till another day, and I couldn't feel my arms at all. We hung out a little longer and then went home around 8:30 pm. 

A super awesome picture that Jen took of me :)

Another good one from Jen