May 26, 2018 

Jen & Davin Came to Visit 

I was able to sleep in this morning, and then got to work on my chores right away. I cleaned the back porch, made a salad, made the ribs for tonight, and cleaned my room. Once I had all this done, I also made some potatoes. Finally, I got permission from Mom to go over to Grandpa and Nana's, and so I took off quickly before she could change her mind. Jen, Davin, Jevin, and Enavi all came to visit, and they got here around 2am this morning. They were already all up of course, and so I said hello to them, because I am not rude and don't ignore my family. Grandpa cooked hotdogs for lunch which were super amazing, and then we did some swimming. Paul and his Mom and a bunch of their siblings came over to go swimming with us, and they had a good time swimming with us (I hope). After we were all done swimming, we headed back over to our house (not before I accidentally grabbed a La Croix soda instead of a Cream Soda... ew), and then we showed them the new calf and all of our animals. Eventually everyone else showed up, and so we had dinner and there was a lot of pie and it was really good. Then after having some music, the girls and I went back over to Rose Lake with Jen and Davin, where we did more swimming, and I went waterskiing, facing three of my fears; my fear of deep water, my fear of waterskiing, and my fear of being near the boat while Davin is driving it. I even dropped a ski, but then promptly face planted. We went home after a little longer, and I was wiped from the skiing and went to bed around 10:50.