May 25, 2018 

 A Lit Bonfire 

 So, I had to get up really early this morning, because we were going into town to have Jana take her drivers test. We rushed to get ready to go, and then headed in, and went to the DMV in Detroit Lakes after a quick stop at Country Kitchen so I could pick up an application. Jana passed her test with flying colours, and then we dropped off my application at Country Kitchen and went and picked up some lawn mower parts for Dad. I got right to school when we got home, which was very entertaining as always, and then at noon, we went into Wannabee's in Vergas, except Dad and I brought the truck with the boat behind it. We had lunch in Vergas, and then we went a fueled up the boat and truck before going and dumping it in Rose lake. Tevia and I took it across the lake, and then Dad met us on the other side where he was putting in the dock. I jumped in and helped him after getting in my suit, and so we were able to get the entire rest of the dock put it. We then rushed home in the truck, and I grabbed my stuff and threw some wood in the back of the van, and off we were again. We went over to some people's house that had just moved from South Carolina in November, and they had 11 kids and were homeschoolers and needed some nice friends [enter us]. We hung out there for awhile and they had a son who was 16, who I then invited to the bonfire that we were having for MYF tonight. We had to take off, and we drove to Wolf Lake where we picked up Gabby, and then over to the church where I had skit practice with the VBS team, had to run and pick up Grady, and then we had an awesome youth group, with like 20 kids, including Paul (the person I had just met that day). We got done around 10:20, and then Mom and I dropped off Grady, and then drove over towards Perham and dropped off Paul at his house, before going home, where I put some ribs in the fridge for tomorrow. 

The Youth Group bonfire crew

Jana got her permit!

I was messing with Lightroom and idk I thought it looked cool