May 24, 2018

Almost the Weekend... 

Today I started out with doing school, which seems to be a trend these days. I don't get done till the 1st, but I'm really looking forward to it. Anyway, I got done with school, and then I was in the middle of shaving and I got a call from Frazee Family Foods. Apparently 1 of the freezers and 3 of the coolers had broke, and they were having a mid-day crisis, and so I went in and worked from 2-8pm helping them. As soon as I was off work, I went down and got gas for the scooter, and then went over and took a swim at Grandpa and Nana's, had some popcorn that Grandpa had made, and then went home. When I got home, we had a stranger at our house (a lady from camp) and so I said hi to her, and then I had gotten my helicopter working so I flew that, and then went to bed. Really exciting day. Not really.