May 23, 2018 

A New Cow

Today was Wednesday, so Mom was working in Hawley at the doctor place there, and we were on our own (with Dad). I was tired from driving with Grandpa last night, so I ended up sleeping in until almost 8am. I went downstairs and didn't waste anytime getting started on school work, and didn't even come up for lunch until I had completely finished both Spanish and Health for the year. I finally had lunch, and then Dad made me come out and help him with the lawn mower, which was his weird idea of a reward for getting done with school before everyone else, but in reality, was absolute torture for me. Half way through, we heard the cow making weird noises, and it turned out that she was giving birth, even though the calf wasn't due until the 1st of June. Dad ran inside to tell the girls, and by the time he got back out to the barn, she had already dropped her calf. We watched it for awhile, and then Darwin stopped by and he went out and looked at it as well. I cleaned my room a bit, and put some new sheets on my bed that I had gotten from Nana as an early birthday present. Getting rid of the old ones did make my room smell a bit better, even if I don't really notice it. After I finished cleaning, I made some tuna sandwiches for dinner, and then Mom got home and we went over to Lloyd and Arlene Stoll's for Bible study with Ben. We had a good time talking with them, and then Dad had brought Rhubarb desert for afterwards, and we had that with soda and ice cream and cool whip and cookies. We went home, taking the Vergas trails back, which Mom drove too fast on, and then as soon as we got home, I got on the scooter and went over to Grandpa and Nana's. I had found the charger for the helicopter with a camera that Grandpa had given me awhile back, but I needed 4 AA batteries for the remote, and we had none. I helped Nana try and call Davin since it was his birthday, but he was on a business trip in Pennsylvania and so we ended up talking to Jevin and Enavi instead, who will be here late Friday night or early Saturday morning. I drove back home, put the batteries in the remote, and flew the helicopter for awhile before bed. Sadly I had forgotten to put the SD card in it. 

The same picture as this one, but a few months apart.

Grandpa and Nana's

Missed the sunset by just a few minutes

He's a nice smol little cow

The Stoll's house