May 22, 2018 

Drama Practice and More Driving 

Today I woke up, and made my way downstairs where I started on my schoolwork after eating a fried egg. I had my math class at 11, and then after that I did some more school work, until about 2:30 when I started having a random urge to go tubing. Dad was at camp, so I convinced Tevia to help me mow part of the lawn so that he'd be more willing to take us tubing, but then when he got home he said we couldn't because the dock wasn't out at Grandpa and Nana's. So Tevia got on the moterbike and I got on the scooter and we drove over to Rose lake and put another 2 sections of the dock out before it was time to head back. I washed my hair in the lake, and then we went home and had leftovers for dinner. I had practice for the VBS skits at the church, so Grandpa picked me up at 7, and dropped me off at the church. We practiced till 9:30, and then Grandpa picked me up again, and we went driving into DL, as I still needed some night driving time. We stopped at A&W, but they were closed, so we went and got gas, and then went over to Dairy Queen, but they also were closed. Eventually, we ended up going to McDonald's to get ice cream, and then we went around the lake before heading home. I got home around 11, and went straight to bed because I was exhausted.