May 21, 2018 

Grandpa's Birthday 

Today started as any other day might, with school, more school, and hey, did I mention school yet? We have 8 days left, and so there is a lot of pressure to get good grades on our exams and finish all our homework and stuff. However, it is going to be super nice when it's finally over. I had math class, which was actually the very last math class, and so my teachers were being a little sentimental, and then I had lunch and did some more school. I left for work around 3:30, and then I stopped at the bank on the way there to put some money in my account so that I don't spend it. Work went pretty quickly, with a steady stream of customers. As much fun as it is, I can't wait till I get a different job. As soon as I got done with work, I took off on the scooter and made it back home at 7:15 sharp, and said Happy Birthday to Grandpa, and then had some dinner. After I finished eating, Mom had me play some songs on the piano for Grandpa and Nana, and then they took off and I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. 

Apple Crisp and Ice cream for desert