May 20, 2018 

Graduation Parties 

I woke up this morning, and almost freaked out when I realized we were leaving for church in like 10 minutes. I quickly got all my stuff together, and then ran downstairs and got in the car. We got to church on time, and had Sunday school and the service, and there was some great timing with music at the end of the sermon. Right away afterwards, Rhonda had a meeting with everyone involved with VBS, and we went through the schedule and different things, and then we went downstairs to eat, as it was Fellowship dinner Sunday, aka free food at church. After lunch, we went back upstairs and practiced again for the VBS drama, and it's really going to be fun. We talked for a little while afterwards, and then went home to rest. Mom was making bread, which took a really long time, and then we were off to Harley's Graduation party. There was actually more than one that I was invited to, but her's was the only one we went to. They had really good taco in a bag and stuff, and super good cake, and then after saying hi to everyone and telling Grady he should come to youth group, we went home, and then watched a movie called "Christian Mingle," which I thought was absolutely horrible. We went to bed around 10:30 pm.   

The crab-apple tree is still in bloom