May 18, 2018 

Night Driving

We sadly had to go to the Thrift store today at noon, so as soon as I got up, I got started on my school, trying to get it all finished for the weekend. I went out for a little walk before having lunch, then took a shower and shaved as well because I had to work at 4. We went to the Thrift store and Caleb was there so I talked to him for awhile, and we totally weren't getting into any sort of trouble, and then around 3:30 I walked down to the store and got to work. Dad picked me up at 7, and I was like super energized because I had just drank a Dr. Pepper. I had some dinner, and then Caleb texted me saying he had just met my Pastor, Jesse, at Wannabees in Vergas, and since I needed to get gas anyway, I drove into Vergas, and then stopped by and said hi to Becca. I drove over to Grandpa and Nana's and around 8:50, Grandpa and I took off for Fargo, with me driving, as I needed about 9 more night hours for my driving log. We drove all the way to Fargo, cruised down Broadway, and then went by the Fargo dome and stuff, and then we headed back home after stopping at a Holiday to get gas, a doughnut, and apparently a free 20oz soda for anyone who gets more than 8 gallons of gas. We got back around 12:10 am, and I went to sleep right away because I was exhausted. 

A bird