May 17, 2018 

Back to the Tech

Today started as any other day, with me getting up and finding out that I had a piano lesson, as it was Thursday. Mom and I were able to get through it pretty fast, and I'm very excited as I only have one last piano lesson. I went downstairs and did school till about noon, with one break to make myself a taco salad, and then at 12:10, Mom and I left to get Ruby and go into town. We picked Ruby up at her house, and then Mom and her dropped me off at the tech, where I went and turned in my textbook so that I didn't get fined $180. I didn't have anything to do and they were planning on being at the workforce center for awhile, so I figured I should make good use of the wifi and upload the rest of the pictures I had found. I spent about a half hour doing that (50Mbps up!) and then after that, I walked over to A&W where I got myself a medium root beer float, and sat at the table taking my time eating it, just waiting for something interesting to happen. As fate would have it, nothing out of the ordinary happened, so I walked over to the workforce center, and they we drove all around town doing things for Ruby. We dropped her off in Vergas, and as soon as we got home, I was drafted to go and help Dad get the pickup topper out of the attic, something that wasn't an easy task. After we finally got it down (my way worked best), I went inside and then Grandpa came and gave me a ride to the church for VBS practice; we have 5 different skits that we're going to be doing over VBS, but they aren't very high quality, as the characters aren't consistent throughout the story and it makes it really hard to decide how to develop your character. Grandpa picked me up again from that at 9:30, and then he had me drive into town, where we got gas and a snack at the Holiday gas station, and then we went and drove around Detroit Lakes for awhile, so that I ended up getting about an hour and a half in for my night time hours. Went to bed as soon as I got home, as I was wiped out.

Our Crab-Apple tree has started blooming