May 18, 2018 

Swimming at the Nursing Home

Mom was supposed to have to go to work today, but for some reason they said that she didn't have to, so she was at home today. However, I was ready for a bit of a change of routine, so I went over to Grandpa and Nana's house anyway. I had some cereal for breakfast, and then got started on my school work. Pretty soon, Jana showed up as well, and then when Grandpa got up, he made more breakfast, so I had a second breakfast of toast with jelly, bacon, and a big glass of milk. I got done with my school after awhile, and then Nana had me go out and blow off the deck with the leaf blower so that we could go out there without stepping on all sorts of gross stuffs. Grandpa got home from the grocery store, so we had chicken, potato salad, Cheetos, and donuts for lunch. After lunch, we just messed around for awhile and talked until it was time for me to go back home, as I needed to do the dishes. I met Tevia coming over on the motor bike on the way over which was funny to see. I did all the dishes and then started a book Grandpa had given me, while Dad got the boat fueled up and took it out for a spin. Jana made Belizean stewed chicken for dinner, and then we had to leave to go and sing at the Nursing Home. We sung our hearts out, and then as soon as it was over, a bunch of us went down to town lake. When we got down there, I realized that I had the keys for the van, so I sprinted the two blocks uphill to the nursing home to give Dad the keys and then back to the lake. I was so hot when I got there, that I just threw all my electronics in my camera case and jumped right into the water. Mom and Dad came down and I had to ride in the back of the car then on the way home because they didn't want me to get everything up front all wet. The crab-apple tree had flowers on it when we got home, just like I said it would. We went to bed around 10pm. 

Tevia on the motorbike