May 15, 2018 

The Church Vote

Today started out with me trying to find food as always, and then I went downstairs and got started on school. I got through my assignments, mostly doing English, and then I had Chemistry class at 11, which made me rather upset as the teacher was talking about fixing Java, and about 80% of what she was saying was either wrong or just uneducated. Chemistry class was really short (or maybe it just felt short because I was playing Minecraft) but afterwards I went and packed up my laptop, and took off to Jeremy's house. Both Jeremy and Sherri were in Fergus Falls, so I just made myself at home and started uploading about 4000 photos I had found on my HDD the other day, ranging from about 2000 - 2010. I stayed over there for awhile, almost falling asleep with the cat and dog, but then packed up my stuff and went over to Grandpa and Nana's, where I put in the plastic section of dock that Nana and I had gotten a little while ago. Then I went back home and made taco salad for dinner, before we had to leave for the church building project vote. There were a lot of people there, including Janessa who is finally back for the summer. They had their vote to see if they could go on with the building project, and there was only one vote against it. That means that we'll go forward with building a new sanctuary and hopefully it'll be really nice. After the vote, we had to head back to Frazee to pick up Jana after Drivers Ed. Then, we went home and went to bed. 

Jeremy and Sherri's Doggo

Our church