May 14, 2018 

Monday Again...

Today was the dreaded Monday once again. I got up around 7, and made my way downstairs. Dad was gone, Tevia was at school, and Mom was working, so I just kinda bummed around as I didn't really want to go down into the basement quite yet. Around 8:30, I figured I should get started on school, so started heading that general direction. I turned on my computer and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I only have 14 days of school left, with 4 assignments per day to be done on time. I got through my school work, and then had Math class which I sadly can't speed up. After math, I went upstairs to have some lunch, and then had a meeting with my English teacher, which only took about 10 minutes, but he was telling me how he looks forward to seeing my work and I'm doing good in class. In fact, I've already reached the point in all my classes where if I wanted to quit right now, I could and I'd still pass them all with a D+ or better. Anyway, I went out to mow the lawn, but Dad wanted to talk to me, and then once he told me I could continue mowing, the mower wouldn't start so that was awkward. I decided to go inside and take a shower instead, and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana's on the scooter. Grandpa was about to leave to go pick up Jana and Tevia, so I talked to Nana for awhile and had some food, and then went to work at 4. Work was long as usual, but I talked to Heath and told him that I was planning on leaving Family Foods, even though I have no set dates yet. After work, I went home and had some leftover pasta, and then I went down and lit a fire, and sat and watched the fire while playing guitar. A pretty slow day. 


The nice fire I made