May 13, 2018 

Mother's Day

I slept in as long as I could this morning, which sadly was only 8, then got some clothes, went downstairs and got ready for church (shaved and showered). After I got ready for church, I said Happy Mother's day to my birth-giver, and then went out to wait in the car. We finally got on our way to church, when we realized that Mom and Dad were leading worship, and they forgot the laptop. Their laptop is very slow, so I figured it'd be better for all of us if I just grabbed my laptop, which I ended up doing and did not regret. We got to church and had Sunday school and the service, before going home afterwards. One entertaining thing that happend during the service was Mom had forgotten to turn off the ringer on her phone, and so near the end of the service, Jesse heard the vibrator on the phone go off as Jeremy was calling, but thought it was a cow making noise, and so he announced from the pulpit that it was time to end because the cow was making noise. Once he was alerted that it wasn't a cow, but a cell phone, he asked who's it was, and everything was just hilarious. I fried some hotdogs on the stove when we got home, and there were plenty of leftovers, and so we were just getting settled in when Jeremy, Sherri, Steven, and lil' Dawson showed up. They stayed till about 3, and so we had a nice lunch and did some different things with them, which was nice. After they left, we sort of lounged around, and I finished the VBS page for the church, so that all of the info is finally online. Quickly after finishing that, I got bored so I took the scooter over to Grandpa and Nana's, where I talked to them until Mom and Dad came over with Jana and Tevia so we could have supper. After supper, we just hung around until going home, where we hung around for the rest of the evening there. 

I took Steven for a ride on the scooter with Dad on the moterbike

Jeremy washing off his new truck after taking it mudding

Dad and Grandpa enjoying the Mother's day dinner