May 12, 2018

Another Youth Group

I was super happy that today was finally Saturday, and so I slept in until almost 10 a.m. until my alarm went off at 9:58. I made my way downstairs to have some breakfast, and looked at all the chores on the board. Eventually I got around to cleaning my room, cleaning the back porch, cleaning my school area, and making a salad as Mom and Dad were having people over tonight. After I finally finished all my chores around 3:30, I played on my phone a little bit before Dad got home and it was time to leave. An old friend of mine named Anna had invited me to her church's youth group, and so Jana, Tevia, and I were all going to that. We took and got there a few minutes before 6. We went inside and after a quick stop at the bathroom, we went into the back patio area where they were cooking hotdogs and all sorts of fun stuff. We ate, and by this time there were quite a few more kids there. It was an outreach program at a Baptist church, and you could tell that many of the kids there were Baptist from how they dressed, although I knew a lot of them already. After we finished eating, a guy got up to talk, named Mr. Shovan, and he introduced himself as a Evangelist. He talked about his personal story and also about being saved (further reaffirming my idea that this was an outreach program) and then after he was done, there was about a 5 minute break before we went and played soccer, with then a break for ice cream and volleyball after that. Dad came and picked us up, and so we went over to Wal-Mart to pick up a Lilac for Mom, as tomorrow is Mother's day. It took us awhile, but finally we got home, and Mom was already asleep, so we tried to sneak in real quiet like. 

Playing soccer tonight