May 11, 2018 

Soup and Fishsticks

It was finally Friday today, so I got through my piano lesson with Mom quick, and then got finished with my school. Sadly, after I finished my school, I realized that I didn't really have anything that I wanted to do, so I just sat around until 3:40 when I left on the scooter for work. Work was pretty average, except about halfway through my shift, a Hispanic family came through, and they were super nice and only the little boy spoke English, and so I got to talk to them in Spanish for awhile and it was fun. After work, Mom and Dad were still in town with the girls after Tevia's last track meet, so I got some groceries, filled the scooter up with gas, and then went over to Grandpa and Nana's, where I had fishsticks and some soup that Pat had made. It was really good. I hung out over there for awhile, before heading home, and Mom and Dad had just gotten back a little while before with the girls. I went inside and didn't move from the couch until bed time because I was so tired, but wasn't really interested in going to sleep. I also found out that I had gotten another picture in the paper (one of the band from last Thursday the 3rd).

Two ducks swimming away on the lake.