May 10, 2018 

VBS Setup Day

Today was just your regular Thursday; we had school in the morning, then I messed around in the afternoon, etc. Mom was still working and Dad was doing stuff so there wasn't a whole lot to do. When it finally became evening time however, we got into the car, dropped Jana off at the school for Drivers Education, and then went up to the church because it is the first day for the VBS setup. We got there around 6:30, and much to my disappointment, there was no food or snacks. Since Ben lives right next door to the church though, Brock and I ran over and got corndogs, Pepsi, and mints and then came back over to the church to help. There were some other people there from different churches, as all of our churches are using the same VBS material this year, and so we worked with them, trying to turn the church into a high-tech, futuristic time lab. I was building a robot and a portal, before getting drafted into Graphic design stuff on the computer (shocker). I hadn't brought my computer, so instead of trying to struggle with Rhonda's computer, I just emailed myself the files and then threw them into Photoshop when we got home and finished them. We had picked up Jana on the way home, and we all went to bed around 10.