April 09, 2018 

Driving Education

This morning I went downstairs and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and mushrooms, which Dad had made at some point. Then I shaved and took a shower right away, as I had two more hours of Behind the Wheel at 10am. I still ended up rushing out the door, even with how early I was ready, but got to the school before the teacher did. We started with practicing parallel parking, and then drove into Detroit Lakes, then back to Frazee to practice more parallel parking and 90-degree parking, and then back to Detroit Lakes again, and the finally back to Frazee for a little more 90-degree parking, and then Grandpa picked me up. I only have one more 2-hour chunk before I can be done with it. I worked on school for awhile after Grandpa dropped me off, and then I came upstairs and everyone was gone... no note, no text, nothing. I sat and read comics on my phone for awhile before getting hungry and frying some hash browns for myself. Eventually everyone got home, and so we went into DL (this is the third time today for me) for Bible study with Glen and Ben. We had a nice visit/Bible study, and Ben had brought popcorn and fruit punch, which is one of Glen's favorite snacks. After Bible study, we were going out to Wal-Mart when I almost freaked out because there was a cop with it's lights on right behind me. I pulled over, but it continued right by me. Then two more cops drove by with their lights on. We got to Wal-Mart and walked up to the door, saying hello to Justin and Kerry as they were on their way out, but the police wouldn't let us go inside and shop, as they were evacuating the building. We decided it probably wouldn't be very interesting to stick around, so we went home, and said hi to Mom as she had just gotten home from work. I searched for my phone charger for a few hours, and then went to bed.

The view from the front door tonight

One of our (too) many cats (this one likes to bite people)