May 08, 2018 

Kinda a Special Day...

While nothing extraordinary or super amazing happened today, it is kinda a special day. Why? Because this is my 100th journal entry!  It has taken forever, but I now only have 265 more days left before I've done an entire year. Anyway, we got up this morning, and I quickly got packed and then we headed over to Grandpa and Nana's house, as both Mom and Dad were working so we were going to spend the day over there. When I got over there, Nana was on the phone with someone from an online security company, and so I helped her figure out what was going on, and then found a nice Mac cleaner for her... if anything to do with Apple can be considered nice. We did our normal school like always, with Brats for lunch, and then after lunch, Nana and I went into Audubon to get a new section for the dock, which we put on top of her car and brought home. As soon as we got back, it was time to head back to our house, and so we did and then Grandpa brought Tevia to track practice. I ran into town on the scooter to pick up a package at the post office, and it was really nice because apparently I've done that enough times now that they know me and I don't have to show my ID to pick up packages anymore.  I got home and then after Dad made scalloped potatoes for dinner, I went to bed around 10 with really not doing anything. 


Sadly I've been stuck with this view from the backseat more often then I'd like